Hi, I'm Friederike.

... it seems like I naturally do things differently than others.
... it seems like it is valuable to others what I do, how I do it and why I do it.
... it seems like it is inspiring to others how I am.

At least that's what people I know keep telling me.

So, what's this website about?

This website is an experiment. A conversation starter. A conversation with you, who made their way to this home - the Changemaker's Home - exploring if that, which I have to share, is also meaningful to you.

Being a changemaker means you are a person who desires change in the world and acts upon that desire to make that change happen.

ChangemakersHOME ...

  • ... is not a program or fellowship for social entrepreneurs. It is created for everyone who desires positive change in the world and wants to act upon that desire to make that change happen, however small or big.
  • ... does not give advice or solutions. I share personal insights to questions you also might be pondering on.
  • ... does not require you to be an active changemaker. Being a changemaker at heart, you are invited to be a silent observer or part of the conversation.

ChangemakersHOME is there...

  • ... to discover the changemaker within you. The one that shows up every day without you noticing.
  • ... to discover the part within you that cares deeply about the well-being of yourself, your children, family and friends, your neighbors, your childrens' playmates. The part that cares about people at home and elsewhere. About the forests and seas around the corner and far away. That cares about your cute cat and crazy canary as well as gorillas in Gabon and elephants in Eritrea.
  • ... to share tools and AHAs that I find useful to easier and better act upon our desire for change.

Are you a Changemaker?

  • Do you often find yourself seeing what could make a positive difference?
  • Do you often find yourself being the one who says and/or does something about that?
  • Are you often the one that inspires others to become active?

Then you probably are a changemaker!

If the word doesn't really feel right to describe you, then don't use it. Changemaker is the term that resonates most with me and which I choose to fill with life. Feel free to use no term at all, or invent your own.

A little bit about me

I have lived changemaking in a colorful spectrum since 2011. As a coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer I am supporting and empowering people to act upon their desire for change. That change is now making the lives of our communities happier and more meaningful.

I am part of and am connected with communities of change all over the world. This enables me to bring together a unique cocktail of inspiration. Some projects, businesses and communities I have been part of, I am still in connection with or I am still active in:

Past Projects

Thinkfarm Berlin

Thinkfarm is an office community in which we work, share and learn with each other in a self-organized and solidary way.

In the shared office with about 55 desk spaces, initiatives, companies, self-employed people and scientists interconnect in order to work towards social-ecological change, to embody it themselves and to make the most of collective synergies.

In addition to focusing on social-ecological projects, the group's own practice is constantly being challenged.

Dragon Dreaming Berlin-Brandenburg

From 2016-2017 Dragon Dreaming Berlin-Brandenburg was a solidarity-based working community of Dragon Dreaming facilitators with additional qualifications, organized as a cooperative and functioning according to the principles of an Empty Centered Organization. As process facilitators we accompanied co-creative group processes with holistic methods for project design and passed on our knowledge in workshops and trainings.

Ethno Germany

ETHNO invites people from different countries and cultures to join making music based on the traditional music of their cultural backgrounds in a free and open minded way. It means living and learning together in the way oral music traditions are passed on directly from person to person, empowering people in their personal diversity.

ETHNO is a unique combination of workshops, jam sessions and performances where we, with the support of artistic mentors, share with each other music from different cultural backgrounds and learn to appreciate the multifaceted ways of being in this world.

Usually, around 50 participants from about 20 different cultures and all 7 continents learn and reinvent traditional music & dances together for 10 days, grow together through the power of music and dance and perform several times as a big multicultural ensemble in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Ethno Flanders

Ethno Flanders is an international program for folk, world and traditional music, aimed at young musicians aged 16 to 30 with a mission to revive and keep alive global cultural heritage amongst youth.

Ethno Flanders provides a unique opportunity for young people from across the globe to come together and engage through music in a manner that is characterized by respect, generosity and openness.

At the core of Ethno Flanders is its democratic peer-to-peer learning approach whereby young people teach each other the music from their countries and cultures.

Ethno Flanders takes place in the Flanders region of Belgium.

Folklang Tübingen

FolKlang is an intercultural orchestra with up to 80 musicians. They come from the most diverse cultural backgrounds, they all live in or around Tübingen. The music they play they brought themselves: pieces from the traditions of their respective cultural circles.

The concept features are aimed at creating a space for social encounters.

Learning music by ear and without sheet music is an intuitive, immediate way to get to know even foreign musical structures literally while playing. Every participant can learn and teach: The project lives from the contributions of the musicians. In this way, an exchange takes place on eye level.

JM International Chamber Music Campus in Weikersheim

Every summer, Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland invites talented young chamber music ensembles to an exquisite masterclass in Weikersheim. Daily lessons with some of the world’s most renowned professors for chamber music give ideal conditions for concentrated rehearsals as well as relaxation and enjoyment in the beautiful castle grounds of the Music Academy Weikersheim.

Galerie Baerén

Galerie Baerén, a small, fine venue in Berlin-Rixdorf, opened its doors from Christmas 2014 until the end of 2016. Initiated together with Márton Péter Nagy, we curated and gave a home to art from local and international artists. Each exhibition was accompanied by a suitable program of events, including book readings, salon concerts and artists’ talks.

Genauer als Worte

In 2016 I assisted Eberhard Feltz, professor for chamber music, in creating his book “Genauer als Worte”. The project was initiated by Reto Bieri and published by DAVOS FESTIVAL. For the creation of an English translation, we are currently (2021) working together with Helena Winkelman (CH) and Richard Ireland (UK).

Current Projects, Networks and Partners of Change

This About Page is also work in progress. Come back later to see what I have added under current projects, networks I am part of and powerful partners of change, I am greatful to have worked together with.

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